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SouthernStylez Window Tinting has been in the industry for 10 years and counting. We are locally owned and operated and we strive to not only do a phenomenal job at tinting your vehicle, home or business but to also gain you as a repeat customer and show you that window tinting has a lot more to offer than just improved looks. We offer MaxPro Window Films which come with a full lifetime warranty against cracking, peeling, fading, hazing, color change, turning purple, delaminating, and demetalization. Visit our film page for more information on our films.


Automotive / Marine Window Tinting

Automotive Window Tinting in Wilmington, NC

Chevrolet Camaro professionally tinted by SouthernStylez Tinting in Wilmington, NC

When you’re making an investment in your vehicle, you don’t want to take it to someone that doesn’t have any experience. You want to take it to a professional, someone whom is going to treat your vehicle as it were their own, someone that knows their job like it’s the back of their hand. Don’t be fooled by a cheap price when it comes to window tinting, as we like to say if you take the cheap way out now, you’ll be taking the expensive fix later. Window tinting is something that takes extreme patience and knowledge to achieve a great finished product.

This is where we at SouthernStylez window tinting comes in to play. When you bring us your vehicle we will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, we won’t treat you as a dollar sign, we will treat you as a customer, as a person and most of all with complete respect. We guarantee when you choose us for your window tinting needs, that you will leave 100% satisfied.

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Residential / Commercial Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Residential Tinting in Wilmington, NC

Your home is your largest investment and your business is an investment in and of itself. SouthernStylez Tinting can help you protect that investment by giving you control over the things that matter most. Professionally installed, MaxPro residential and commercial window tinting will greatly enhance the energy efficiency, look, and functionality of your home or business windows. This translates into lower utility bills, improved comfort, added privacy, and greater protection against the unexpected. Don’t let the sun rob your home or business of its natural beauty. Our solar films give you a clear view, reducing annoying glare without making it seem dark in your home. After purchasing our high performance window tinting, you’ll be more comfortable in your home no matter where the sun is shining, with the level of privacy you desire.

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