Wrapz by SouthernStylez – Change Your Color, Not Your Car –

So you’re tired of the color of your car? You could get a paint job, but that’s extremely costly. You could get a new car in a different color, but that’s just ridiculous. Well seems like you’re out of options, right? NO, this is where us at SouthernStylez come in to play, vehicle wrapping is the hottest new trend and is often far less expensive than a paint job. Also with a wrap you can have a Carbon Fiber car, brushed aluminum, camo, matte and many other designs and options. I know what you’re thinking, this sounds like a good idea, but what if I don’t want to wrap my entire car? NO PROBLEM! We can wrap just your hood, roof, trunk, one side, create a design with multiple colors and/or textures and designs. Have some interior pieces you want wrapped? We can do that too! The possibilities are endless. We do not offer printed wraps such as those that you may see on work vans for advertisements but we do offer color changes, different textures and much more. Call or text us today for an appointment to discuss what options you have for your vehicle! (910) 742-0579