window tint benefits
Why tint your vehicle? There are more reasons than the upgraded looks it brings to your vehicle. Tinting your vehicle not only looks cool but also keeps your vehicle much cooler as well as saves you fuel by keeping strain off of your air conditioner. Tint also helps with the fading and cracking of your leather seats, door panels, dash and rest of interior. Keeping your vehicle cooler is a large reason for tint but while keeping you cool and protecting your interior, film also protects you and your passengers from harmful UV rays from the sun. Think of it as sunscreen for you while in your vehicle! There is also a safety aspect to tinting your windows, if you are ever involved in a wreck flying glass and glass shards can make a bad scenario even worse; film acts as a barrier between your passengers, kids and yourself by helping to hold the glass together instead of harmful glass shards flying everywhere. You have made an investment, so why not protect it as well as yourself? Call us now (910) 742-0579 or visit our Contact Us page for additional contact methods.




Why TinCommercial Window Tintingt your business? Commercial window tinting offers heat reduction which in turn saves energy on your cooling bill. If that isn’t quite enough of a reason to Contact Us for an estimate then, increased glare reduction and UV ray protection should put the icing on the cake for you! Tinting your business will increase comfort by reducing glare as well as blocking heat. A more comfortable work space makes for more comfortable employees!



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Own a home? Tired of high energy costs and annoying glare? Tinting your home has many benefits to it including glare reduction, energy conservation and fade protection. The sun is a great thing but it can also be very harmful on your wood floors, carpet, furniture, artwork, etc… Contact Us today to schedule an appointment and see what we can do for your home!